Throwback: Boracay 2013

Whenever I mentioned I’ve been to Boracay, the first question was: ‘Did you party a lot?’. Apparently, Boracay is the Philippines’ party destination, but I was blissfully unaware of that (until I got there). As the saying goes, “What happens in Boracay stays in Boracay!”

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Exploring Bohol For The First Time

In September 2015, we spent 3 days in Bohol. These three days were magical. We spent a day exploring the countryside and on a second day exploring the island and hanging around the white beaches. Apart from its many white sand beaches and world-class dive sites, Bohol is known for unique attractions that you can’t […]

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El Nido: Heaven On Earth

There are some places you visit and can’t decide whether you want to scream them to the world or keep secret because they’re just too good to share. And El Nido is one of those places.

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A Little Dot of Paradise in Coron

Coron is one of the Philippine’s most popular tourist destinations. This unspoiled haven offers uncrowded white-sand beaches, crystal clear water, hidden lagoons, amazing mountaintop views and fascinating dive sites. It may be the closest thing to paradise on earth, at least a version accessible to the average Joe. Places we went to… 1) A Cosy […]

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Adventure in Nusa Islands

Mostly, though, a sunset like this is a reminder of a day well spent that ends with the peace and calm which come from knowing I lived my best day–that I was productive and that I lived, laughed, and loved hard.
Peace and calm = a little bit o’ bliss

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