About US

Hey, nice to meet you! Welcome to our adventure! I am thrilled to have you visiting our blog. This is Shay writing on this page with my teammate, Ed, partner for life, personal photographer, a travel buddy, personal coach who motivates and supports me with daily healthy diet and helps me wash dishes once in a while! Indeed a wonderful husband.

We are an eclectic and minimalist couple, born and raised in the Philippines. Currently live in Singapore (since 2010). BEACH is our home. It’s our happy place.

We’ve set up this blog to document our travel experiences, thoughts and ideas as well as our aspiration in life. We’re never going to brag but we want to inspire people to live life to the fullest. We write the good and the bad of the places we visit; we think it’s important both for ourselves (and our own memories) as well as for readers of this blog, some of whom may be looking to follow in our footsteps. You’ll find a bit of everything: stories, photos, and lots of information and tips on the many places we’ve visited.

We hope our blog helps and inspires, in turn we appreciate any feedback or ideas!

This is US.

❤️ Ed+Shay