Going the Distance with MagneCal D

You have places to go, miles to run, and mountains to climb. But you’ll only go as far as your bones will take you.

To support your bone health in the long run, you’ll need correct amounts of magnesium and calcium, plus advanced levels of vitamin D – and you can find these in MagneCal D™.
This bone-health supplement comes with BALANCED Magnesium and Calcium that make it extra powerful: What you need to know…
  • Balanced Magnesium and CalciumThe magnesium content is upped to 500 mg. Making it a balanced 1:1 ratio with the calcium helps support an ideal level of these two important nutrients in your body.
  • Even More Vitamin DThe sunshine vitamin supports more than just bone health—it also has ties to supporting healthy immunity, as well as neuromuscular and cardiovascular health. That’s why we’ve bumped up the vitamin D content to 1000 IU.
Whether you want to maintain your bone strength or support your fitness goals, MagneCal D has got you covered. Pair it with the USANA® CellSentials™ for optimal support for your active lifestyle.
Best of all, you can enjoy the benefits of MagneCal D if you exercise daily. Give your bones the balanced nutrition they deserve. Give them MagneCal D.
Source: USANA Health Sciences

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